If you believe in what you offer, call people to action.

If you’re married today, it’s because someone mustered up the courage to ask,

“Will you marry me?”

Imagine if romantic movies ended with some handsome guy getting on one knee, rambling on for half an hour about what makes him different from every other guy, and finally asking,

“Would you like to subscribe to my newsletter?”

Boo. That movie would flop in the box office. Why? Because if the guy truly believes that he and his love should be together, he should have the guts to propose marriage.



Your business is like the guy in that romantic movie. If you truly believe that what you offer will benefit your customer, you need to offer a clear call-to-action (CTA). Buy Now. Start a Free Trial. Shop Online. 

Maybe you think you’re already doing this. I bet you’re not doing it enough. Most leaders I talk to are afraid they’ll be too pushy if they make the CTA a big deal. You won’t be too pushy. You will get more customers though.

So, go on. Make that CTA clear. Put it at the top of your website. Scroll down a little and put it there too. Repeat.

What is your call to action? Let me know in the comments below!


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